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InWinning education Canada

We firmly believe that every child is unique and has endless potential waiting to be discovered.

Course Overview

We offer customized academic programs for students from Pre-K to Grade 6

In front of the class

French can provide Quebec syllabus teaching for native French speakers, welcome classes taught by Chinese teachers, and European standard courses for learning French as a second foreign language.

English teacher

The English curriculum is mainly based on the American syllabus. The teaching materials cover mainstream market textbooks such as Oxford Reading Tree, Reach Higher, Think, Reading Explorer, Great Writing, Think, Noredink, and customized Ontario American high school courses.

Mathematics Class

We rely on the famous online education platform Netmath to provide supporting courses.

Course Type: We offer group classes and one-on-one courses to meet the learning needs of different students

Professional teachers

Our team of senior foreign teachers all have a master's degree or above and have more than 15 years of teaching experience, providing students with professional and accurate teaching guidance.


Experienced foreign teacher

Ashley Jones

Young Teacher_edited_edited.jpg

Ordinary foreign teachers

Don Francis


Intermediate foreign teacher

Alexa Young

Students can choose senior foreign teachers, ordinary foreign teachers or Chinese teachers to teach according to their needs to ensure the quality of teaching and personalized teaching.


Our advantage

High cost performance

Our courses are reasonably priced, allowing students and parents to enjoy cost-effective educational resources

Quality courses

We insist on providing high-quality course content and teaching services to ensure that students have the best learning experience

professional team

We have a professional teaching and research team and customer service team to provide students with comprehensive learning support and services

Teacher Quality

Every member of the teaching staff has a deep love for education, is responsible for students, respects every child's learning ability, and is committed to exploring and cultivating their talents.

Learning Experience

  • ClassIN Online Education Platform: Canada Duokuai Education uses the advanced ClassIN online education platform to provide students with an efficient and interactive learning environment. The platform has powerful real-time interactive functions, ensuring that students can enjoy a learning experience comparable to face-to-face teaching at home.

  • Efficient interactive classroom: ClassIN platform not only supports traditional online teaching, but also provides a wealth of interactive tools, such as raising hands to ask questions, group discussions, real-time voting, etc. We encourage students to actively participate in classroom interactions, communicate with teachers and classmates in real time, and improve their learning interest and effectiveness.

  • Course video playback: In order to allow students to review the course content at any time, we provide a course video playback function. On the ClassIN platform, students can review the course video at any time within 2 months after the course ends to consolidate what they have learned and deepen their understanding.

  • Small classes of 4-6 students: We insist on small class teaching, and the number of students in each class is controlled between 4-6. This small class format not only ensures that every student can get full attention and guidance, but also promotes communication and interaction between students, creating a positive learning atmosphere.


Parent Involvement

Full video recording: Our courses are fully recorded, which makes it convenient for parents to supervise and check their children's learning progress at any time, and also provides convenience for children to review.
Home-school communication: We encourage parents to actively participate in their children's learning process, maintain close contact with teachers, and pay attention to their children's growth and progress. We are fully aware of the important role of parents in their children's education, so we will hold parent seminars regularly to let parents understand their children's learning situation and teaching progress.


“When the pandemic started, I was worried that, with no steady environment to study, my children would fall behind. Luckily, I found Best E Tutor. My children were engaged and found their classes very interesting. I especially appreciated that Best E Tutor provided a clear schedule, which meant I didn't have to worry about missing or forgetting a class! I'm just very grateful to Best E Tutor!”

Fang , Elsa's mum


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Customer Support: If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our customer service team, we will be happy to serve you.

Contact number: (123) 456-7891


Address: Montreal, Canada

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