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InWinning education Canada

  • Applicable grades: Upper grades of primary school and lower grades of middle school

  • Features: Help children lay a solid foundation in English grammar. In the daily learning process, it not only improves children's grammar learning ability, but also their reading ability and independent problem-solving ability. Some children even develop a keen eye and can quickly identify common traps in exams.

Primary school English learning level reading training camp

  • Class time: Twice a week

  • Features: Adopt three-step intensive reading method:

Step 1: Pre-read the article to develop image reading and text thinking skills

Step 2: Read the article carefully to improve your text analysis skills and truly understand it

Step 3: Summarize after reading, ask open-ended questions, and cultivate independent thinking skills

Reading Explorer

  • Textbook: New American textbook

  • Features: It strengthens the core reading skills and strategies in a cycle, and incorporates more TOEFL and IELTS reading test questions in the reading comprehension section, helping children to get familiar with the various question types of international exams early on. It provides students with clear reading skills learning, critical thinking ability learning, and more academic and strategic vocabulary learning.

  • New packages:

Parent notification letter: Help children understand the learning content of each class and facilitate family discussion

Each lesson comes with a vocabulary list and example sentences

Each lesson comes with exercises: including vocabulary, grammar, writing, and critical thinking

Middle School Literature and Critical Thinking Enhancement Class

  • Features: Focus on increasing children's academic ability and vision, and cultivating their critical thinking ability:

In-depth exploration of literature: analyzing the central ideas and themes in classic literary works and cultivating literary appreciation

Critical thinking training: Through the analysis of literary works, students are trained to think independently and analyze critically.

Academic language improvement: expand academic vocabulary and improve English expression ability in literary discussions

Text structure analysis: Gain in-depth understanding of the structure of different types of texts and enhance reading comprehension and writing skills

Character and author perspective analysis: Through in-depth character analysis and author perspective discussion, students’ empathy and multi-perspective thinking skills are enhanced.

Video feedback correction

  • Exclusive correction mode: The teacher records correction videos for each student individually and provides targeted explanations.

  • Review and revisit: Students can review and revisit the material at any time within 2 months to ensure understanding and improvement.

  • advantage:

1. Personalized guidance: Each student can receive exclusive correction feedback to effectively improve their writing skills.

2. Long-term review: Video correction makes it easy for students to watch and review repeatedly, and continuously consolidate knowledge points.

3. Efficient learning: Through detailed video explanations, students can clearly understand their mistakes and make targeted corrections, greatly improving learning efficiency.

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