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InWinning education Canada

We firmly believe that every child is unique and has endless potential waiting to be discovered.


French introductory course

  • Suitable age: 4-5 years old children with weak foundation

  • Class size: 4 students per class

  • Duration: 30 minutes per lesson

  • Features: Using the original French tutorial with audio and video materials, let the children practice listening and speaking skills in different family and school situations. Help children to smoothly transition to the preschool curriculum in an easy, efficient and active way, and help children start school smoothly in September!

French spelling

  • Suitable for: Preschoolers or first graders who have a basic understanding of French listening and speaking but have not learned or mastered French spelling

  • Class size: 4 students per class

  • Class time: 45 minutes per class

  • Features: Help children achieve independent reading and build academic confidence during the summer vacation!

French Comprehensive Course for Grades 1 and 2

  • Class size: Small class of 6 people

  • Lesson time: Review and consolidate the key knowledge points and difficult points learned in this grade, and focus on teaching the main French skills and techniques that will be involved in the next grade

  • Features: Through rich course design, we focus on strengthening students' reading aloud ability and improving children's comprehensive French literacy.

Senior French writing + intensive reading + correction

  • Class size: 4-6 people

  • Course arrangement: two parts: intensive reading and writing

  • Features: In line with the Quebec syllabus, the French original course is selected and taught by our school's top French teacher. The intensive reading class requires children to complete reading before class, and in-depth analysis is conducted during class, with key vocabulary and grammar explained. The focus is on teaching the answering skills for questions with implicit answers and subjective answers in reading comprehension questions; combined with the intensive reading content, writing skills are learned, and a complete reading comprehension and composition writing homework is assigned every week, and the composition will be carefully reviewed and commented on.

Video feedback correction

  • Exclusive correction mode: The teacher records correction videos for each student individually and provides targeted explanations.

  • Review and revisit: Students can review and revisit the material at any time within 2 months to ensure understanding and improvement.

  • advantage:

1. Personalized guidance: Each student can receive exclusive correction feedback to effectively improve their writing skills.

2. Long-term review: Video correction makes it easy for students to watch and review repeatedly, and continuously consolidate knowledge points.

3. Efficient learning: Through detailed video explanations, students can clearly understand their mistakes and make targeted corrections, greatly improving learning efficiency.

Online evaluation system

  • Applicable grade: Grade 3 and 4

  • Content: Daily dictation practice and verb conjugation review test, including 20 multiple-choice questions and 20 fill-in-the-blank questions

  • Features: Not only teaching knowledge, but also helping children master learning methods and lay a solid foundation. Real-time learning progress, parents and teachers can also understand the children's learning situation immediately. Our teaching model cannot be found in other summer camps!

Grammar system learning + assessment class

  • Features: In view of the common problem of weak grammar foundation among students, we have specially arranged senior Chinese teachers to systematically review and consolidate the French grammar knowledge of this grade to ensure that students can accurately understand the reading materials and effectively avoid grammatical errors in writing.

  • Tiered teaching: We provide tiered teaching arrangements based on students’ actual grammar mastery and learning needs. Students with average or below average scores can choose to take courses in their current grade to help them lay a solid foundation. For students with a solid foundation who want to go further, we offer advanced courses for the first year of high school to help them get in touch with and learn the knowledge content of the new school year in advance.

  • Online exercises: After each course, online exercises are provided to help students consolidate the knowledge points of the class. The teaching method of "one knowledge point at a time" is adopted to ensure that students can gradually master and apply the knowledge they have learned.

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