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InWinning education Canada

We firmly believe that every child is unique and has endless potential waiting to be discovered.


Summer Camp Highlights

Summer vacation is full of excitement, summer camp allows you to create!

The new upgrade

Online assessment system doubles learning effectiveness!

Educational elite

Gather elite teachers and select teaching materials to help you grow

small class lecture

4-6 students per class, personalized guidance

Learning and fun

Learn, grow, and have fun!


Discover the secrets of summer, summer camp takes you on an adventure!

French courses

  • High school features: online assessment system, daily dictation practice + verb conjugation review and test

  • Writing improvement: one formal writing assignment per week, with detailed corrections and comments from teachers

  • Oral expression: Speech practice once a week to improve oral expression skills and confidence

English intensive reading training

  • Achieve3000 Reading Series: Improve your English proficiency and develop critical thinking skills

  • Goal: Let every child return with full knowledge, full of confidence, and great achievements!

Mathematics + Logic

  • Difficulty: Slightly higher than school mathematics courses, covering key knowledge points and improving mathematical logic skills

  • Competition topics: Specialized mathematics competition topics to improve the ability to analyze and solve problems


class schedule

  • Intensive learning in the morning: focus on French, English, mathematics and other courses

  • Free time in the afternoon: enough time for children to rest and explore their own interests and hobbies

register information

  • Limited places: No places are reserved, registration is subject to payment

  • Tax refund policy: According to Quebec policy, you can get up to 75% tax refund by issuing RL24 form.

Teacher presentation

  • High-quality teachers: Led by experienced teachers who know how to make every child fall in love with learning

  • Closely follow the syllabus: The course closely follows the Quebec syllabus, and selects high-quality teaching materials

Special Note

  • Continuous enrollment: You can enroll in classes continuously and study systematically, or you can enroll in a single session

  • Weekly Theme: 1 theme per week covering the main aspects of the subject

join us

Let your children spend a happy, fulfilling and unforgettable summer vacation in Best E Tutor's summer camp! Start a new journey of smart learning! 🎈

Summer camp teachers introduction

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