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Course Highlights

Global participation without time difference: No matter where you are, your children can complete their learning on the same day, breaking the boundaries of time and space.
Intelligent learning system: intelligently adjusts the learning progress according to the child’s accuracy rate to ensure efficient learning.
Full supervision: A professional team of teaching assistants pushes learning content and progress every day, and home-school collaboration helps children learn.
Fun learning: Combine children's interests and make learning more interesting through examples such as movies and games.
Scholarship incentive: Excellent students with perfect attendance can receive a scholarship of 20 Canadian dollars to encourage children to make continuous progress.

Recorded English Class

Course Overview

Duration: 16 weeks

Frequency: 6 days a week

Daily study time: 20-40 minutes

Applicable people: upper grades of primary school and lower grades of junior high school

Course Options

Content: Covers 288 grammar points for grades 4 to 6 in the United States

Features: 3 grammar points to learn every day, English intensive reading every Sunday

Fees and benefits

  • Standard fee: 169 Canadian dollars (RMB payment is supported)

  • Promotions
    Two people traveling together: 20 CAD discount per person
    Three people: 30 CAD discount per person
    Old students/2024 summer course students: 50 CAD discount

  • Scholarship: Excellent students with perfect attendance can receive a 20-dollar scholarship

  • Repeat policy: Students with no absences can repeat the next term for free


  • Refund policy: No refund after activation, but a free account trial service is provided on the official website (about 20% of the content)

  • Homework deadlines: Set deadlines to help children develop self-management skills, but they can still learn after the deadline

  • Free account registration: Visit [], enter the joining code "tiny book 35", it will show "Beste Tutor Public Class", add personal information, password and other content to register, you can join


Why choose NoRedInk?

Comprehensive grammar knowledge

Full coverage of grammar knowledge, use NoRedInk Premium account, full coverage

21 grammar knowledge points for grades 4 to 6 in primary school, with a total of 120 topics. Learning content includes: adjectives and adverbs, capitalization rules for titles, commonly confused words, comparative and superlative adjectives, sentence structure, abbreviation rules, direct and indirect objects, clauses and phrases, prepositional phrases, pronouns, conjunctions, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, capitalization rules, perfect tense and perfect progressive tense, etc., a total of 292 topics.

Classroom Sign Language

Teaching assistant who will supervise the whole process

Six days a week, the day's learning content and periodic assessments are pushed to the children's accounts every day, and the learning progress of all children in the group on that day is uniformly distributed in the WeChat group. Good communication is maintained with parents, and home-school collaboration helps and urges children to persist in learning.

Fun learning is not boring

Grammar learning is really boring, and parents are very anxious about how to balance interest and learning effect. In the first part of using the system, children will be asked to choose their favorite movies, games or novels. All subsequent examples and exercises will be presented by characters and tones that children are familiar with. Not only do they learn grammar, but they also enhance their reading skills. Even in their own learning, they will constantly see their own names appear in examples.

Student essay writing

Daily study steps

1. Lesson: Explain each grammar point in detail and provide specific examples.

2. Practice: Interactive practice, where hints and correct answers are provided immediately when you answer questions incorrectly.

3. Quiz Me: A 10-question quiz to consolidate what you have learned, with the opportunity to review your mistakes and resubmit.

Progress Tracking

Parents can view all the test records of their children in the History section, which makes it easy to organize wrong questions and ensure transparency and participation.

Do homework

Join now and start your child’s global English learning journey without time difference!

If you want to participate in the course, or have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our customer service WeChat: bestetutor. We look forward to witnessing your child's growth and progress with you!

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